COVID-19 Safety

Here at NoHo Casting Studio our main concern is what we can do to minimise the spread of COVID-19 whilst creating a safe work space for our staff clients and all visitors.

Below is an outline of what we have done, and what we are asking anyone coming to NoHo to adhere to.


Social Distancing

We have clearly marked out all areas, ensuring there is always at least a two metre gap between people We have also created a one way system to ensure an easy and safe way to move around.



In the studio we have made sure there is enough space to enforce the two metre rule, and as such would request no more than two clients in the studio at any time - we have an office available next to the Studio large enough for another two clients who can view the casting live via a monitor.

We also offer viewing via Skype free of charge so your clients can watch remotely We would also ask no more than two actors in the studio at any one time.



We have two separate waiting areas, allowing a maximum of five people to be waiting while still observing the 2 metre rule.




The premises are deep cleaned after each session, and we are now paperless, with our forms now done electronically via Jotform or fillable pdfs, so have no pens, clipboard, paper etc to help stop the spread

Our staff will wear face masks at all times, and we would request everyone attending wears a mask - we have face masks available for attendees

We have alcohol anti-bacterial hand gel available in each area, in addition to three wash stations with antibacterial soap and wipes.

Where ever possible we would urge everyone to still aim to do castings via self-tapes and WeAudition etc. To help with that we offer a facility to look after and host such castings (details available on request)

However, on the occasions when you need to meet people live, we want to make sure you can do it with us as safely as possible.